Wednesday, January 05, 2005


This appeared on the front page of Tuesday's edition of The International Herald Tribune distributed here in Israel with the English version of Haaretz.  Posted by Hello

It's supposed to be a teaser for a story inside. Apparently someone forgot to fill in the blanks.

About a year ago, before my blogging days, the Haaretz print edition had a much more embarassing mistake. A photo of an American reform rabbi, who I actually knew because I took his course during my undergraduate studies, had a caption that went something like this:

WHERE'S MY SANDWICH: An overweight reform rabbi. What a surprise.
To my knowledge, no one got fired over that mistake, but more than a few journalists have lost their jobs over such needless displays of arrogance.

So today's lesson for you young reporters out there: Never put something in a story you wouldn't want printed. Whatever joke you were trying to make won't be funny when the editor fires you.